Monday, December 14, 2009

MARCO! (Polo!..Anyone?)

We all had to sit through social studies/history classes back in the day (possibly even currently), so we have all heard mention of some of our travelling forefathers. I'm talking about those brave men who risked falling off the face of the Earth when it was still flat, who now have cities and holidays to celebrate their adventures, who now have rusting bronze statues of themselves around the globe, who....!

Alright, so the life of our original travel nuts may not have been the most glamorous or fashionable for that matter, but they did rock the boat when it came to exploring new worlds. We owe them a little thanks for helping to inspire us to get out there and see the world, so here's some brief recognition to a few of our late-travelling buddies...

Explorers for Portugal
-Vasco da Gama
-Prince Henry

Explorers for Spain
-Christopher Columbus (Best non-school day of the year)
-Ferdinand Magellan (Are you gellin'?)
-Ponce de Leon
-Hernando de Soto
-Francisco Vazquez de Coronado

Explorers for France
-Giovanni da Verrazanno
-Samuel de Champlain

Explorers for Italy
-Marco Polo (Creator of a favorite summertime water sport)

Explorers for England
-Sir Francis Drake (Like "Mr" only better)

Explorers for America
-Lewis and Clark (inspiration for a much later heroic couple, Lois and Clark)
-Amelia Earhart (foremother of travel)


  1. That's a pretty comprehensive lis and the comments in parentheses crack me up!


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